Complete Experimental Fuel Systems and Components

-Lycoming Fuel Injection System Experimental and Bendix/Percision Certified 

-Fuel Controls for 80 HP and Up

-Flow Dividers and Fittings

- Fuel Injector Nozzles 

-Elbows, Adapters, Hardware and Brackets

-Fuel Hoses and SS Fuel Injector Nozzle Lines

-Fuel Pumps and Fuel Filters

-Gaskets and AN fittings

On Site Services/Fly In

-Installation of Fuel Systems on Lycoming Engines And More

-Private Lycoming Fuel System Nozzle Tuning

-Fuel System Trouble Shooting and Inspections

-Custom Hoses, Brackets Fittings etc

-Lycoming Fuel System Testing and Tuning



FAA Certified Repair Station # X9PR865N

-Overhaul Service and Sell All Models of Bendix/Precision Fuel Controls, Flow Dividers and Nozzles 

-Overhaul Romec pumps

-Experimental Overhaul are also Available for all Bendix/Precision Systems and Components 



Engineering Services

-Consulting of Fuel System Products and Designs

-Product Development

-Investigation Services 

Fuel Injection 101 Class

-Contact Colleen For Info